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8193 Eglisau

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Mission statement (excerpt)

Integrity in behavior toward customers, employees, suppliers, competitors, shareholders and authorities is a major commitment for Satrotec.


It is Satrotec’s goal to work together with its customers to develop solutions for the customers’ problems and to provide products, systems and services of the highest quality. This means that processes must constantly be implemented and continuously improved.


The success of Satrotec depends on the expertise and commitment of its employees. The company strives to attract the best candidates, irrespective of age, origin, gender, religion or nationality, to actively promote and remunerate them according to their performance. Satrotec offers attractive working conditions and encourages direct and open communication. Satrotec respects the dignity and personality of the individual and creates a climate of trust and cooperation.


Satrotec operates in a manner that shows consideration for the environment and spares natural resources. Safety at work and the appropriate behavior toward the environment are just as important as development, production / assembly, maintenance, quality and costs.